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What can I do to help? 

As a certified massage therapist:

      As a certified personal trainer:
      • I will work with you to realize you goals for either weight loss or muscle gain/conditioning.
      • I will work with you to strengthen any areas of weakness.
      • Create a work out plan with milestones towards achieving your goals. 
      • Educate you on how to correct postural imbalances and decrease the chance of pain and injury. 
      • Support you through any goal that you have and keep you motivated to reach your highest potential.
      Benefits of having a personal trainer and massage therapist combined:

      I am able to find out where your muscle imbalances are based on specific testing. Massage will lengthen the shortened (tight) muscles which will increase range of motion. Personal training can strengthen the weak or under active muscles.

      When the body has muscles that are over active and a few that are under active the body tries to compensate creating imbalance. 

      Examples of Imbalances:

      Imbalances from sitting at a desk for extended periods of time:
      • Tight shoulders (upper traps) from holding your arms and shoulders at an elevated position as you type.
      • Low back pain (Q/L, erectors, lats) from leaning to one side, bending forward.
      • hip pain (IT bands, TFL, Quadriceps) sitting forcing the muscles in the front of the leg to be flexed pulling on the hip joint.

      Imbalances from exercise:
      • Runners: Feet turn out caused by over active calves (gastrocnemius).
      • Runners: Knees move inward caused by over active inner/outer thigh muscles (adductor complex, tfl).
      • Cyclists: excessive forward lean caused by overactive hip flexors, calves (gastrocnemius). 
      • Cyclists: lower back arches caused by overactive hip flexors, muscles along the spine (erector spinae), and lats.

      If you currently have a personal trainer or physical therapist I would like to contact and work with them to create a plan to best suit your needs. 

      Dan Michalek
      B.S. in Kinesiology
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